Tysons Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tysons

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tysons knows that it looks like removing textured ceilings could be an easy DIY process, but do not be fooled.  Not only can removing that ugly ceiling be messy, but it could also be dangerous!

We are going to give you a few reasons why you should NEVER remove your popcorn ceilings yourself.  Even if you can, it doesn’t mean that you should. There is great overall value to having your popcorn ceilings removed and professionally refinished.  Watch this short video and you’ll see why we believe it’s a good idea to leave it to the professionals.


Asbestos in Your Ceilings

The number one reason you should call Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tysons and never remove your popcorn ceilings by yourself is the possibility of asbestos. Many homes were built before 1978, when textured ceilings were popular, and that means there is a chance that your ceilings contain asbestos.  As you know, asbestos is a carcinogen – not good. It is not only dangerous to breathe asbestos fibers into your lungs, it is actually AGAINST THE LAW in most states to remove asbestos without the proper safety precautions, equipment and certifications. What we do is take a very small sample of your ceiling and have it tested.  It doesn’t take very long and having the piece of mind is well worth it. There is some cost to conducting an asbestos test, but again, it is well worth it.  Most times it will cost less than $75.Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tysons

So what if your ceilings do contain asbestos?  Then you need to be thankful you called us…and you can rest assured that all precautions will be taken to ensure your – and our – safety.  The work will be performed by a licensed asbestos abatement company. This company will do the actual removal of the asbestos from your ceilings.  They will also test the air quality in your home to make sure that all asbestos fibers have been removed and there is no material threat to your health. The process of removing the asbestos from your entire house will typically take less than a day.

Refinishing Your Ceilings

The other reason to trust us for your popcorn ceiling removal project is that you want to make sure that when the ugliness is removed, you are pleased with what comes after you have removed them; the stunning refinishing of your ceilings! When a popcorn ceiling is scraped and removed, it very rarely leaves a beautiful ceiling underneath.  Home owners are often surprised by what is revealed.

One of the reasons popcorn ceilings became so popular way back when, was that they hid imperfections in the ceiling very well.  Therefore contractors know that very little preparation needed to be done to the ceiling before spraying the material. You’ll come to realize that once the popcorn ceilings have been prepped, scraped, and removed, the new ceiling will need to be refinished, textured, and painted.

As the DC, VA, and MD’s best popcorn ceiling removal company, we remove the popcorn, prep the ceiling, and then either texture it or paint it. Typically we can finish this entire process within one day.  But that obviously depends on the size of your home. We also will seal your home completely with plastic sheeting.  This will service to protect your floors, walls, furniture, carpet, etc from all the dust and debris.  We also leave your home looking better than when we first arrived.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tysons is Inexpensive

The final thing you need to know is that the cost for professional popcorn ceiling removal is never as much as you think.  These days more people are REMOVING popcorn ceilings that then are installing them.  And because of that, the cost to have it done is very reasonable.

When you take into consideration all the tools and equipment you would need to buy…not to mention the materials…AND YOUR TIME!  We know you’ll see it as we do, it just isn’t worth it. And finally, keep in mind that you’re probably going to need to pay a drywall guy to come in and repair the damage that was done during the popcorn removal process.  So trust us, having it done right, by true professionals, is worth it – for your health and your pocketbook!